How to choose a Cheap VPS server?

Do you know what VPS Server means? The abbreviation originates from English and means Virtual Private Server, the literal translation means that VPS is a virtual private server.

Have you heard about it but don’t know exactly how it works? So calm down, we will help you understand a little more about how this server works, what it is, what it does, etc.

VPS Server What is it?

As we said, the VPS Server is a virtual private server. The basic principle for a website to stay online lies with its server.

What happens is that most of the sites end up having to share space with a type of shared hosting.

It is inside the server that all data processing of your website and the website of other people who are hosted there are done.

Didactically, we can exemplify a server as a building. This building offers countless rooms for you to use whenever necessary when visiting, other people can also use other rooms.

Let’s imagine that you have a much larger number of people than would fit inside the room of this building. So you need either the entire floor or the entire building. However, the value of the building is too high just for you. So, an entire server dedicated to you wouldn’t be worth it.

What you can do then is to get a floor just for you and your visitors. In it, in each room, you can create a different project.

How does a VPS work?

In practice, a Windows VPS Server or Linux VPS undergoes a process called virtualization in which it divides the server into several so that the client has a resource of his own.

With a VPS Server, According to DokeHost, you can:

  • Have full access to data;
  • Customize what you want;
  • SSD disk space;
  • RAM memory;
  • DDoS protection;
  • Price in reais;
  • Among others;

Everything directly dedicated to each VPS. So, you don’t have to buy a whole building to make sure your data will perform optimally and be customized whenever you want. For that, it is enough that you get only one floor exclusive for you.

So, in case you need:

  • More tools to deal with growing traffic;
  • An eCommerce plan with multiple product pages and fast and secure payment methods;
  • A server that is stable for games that needs better online performance;

Among other options, VPS can help you.

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